Missions and Works of Service

Jesus stated His own purpose in the world in Mark 10:45 when He said that He had come, "not to be served, but to serve and to give." Following His leading, we are committed to be a serving, giving church. We have adopted as a local church motto, "Loving Our God By Serving Our Neighbor." This is a paraphrase of what Jesus called "The Greatest Commandment" (Matthew 22:37-40).

Current Mission Interests

Mission Jar to collect loose change
Support for Children in Need

Our children and a number of our adults are involved in a Mission Jar program. The idea is to save loose change in a jar every day. Funds are collected on the 4th Sunday of each month and sent to support a child in the Dominican Republic.

We are also involved in supporting Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home, which is overseen by the elders of the church in Gallup, New Mexico. $100.00 per month is sent from the church treasury. In addition, individual members send donations. To make this mission even more personal, we sponsor at least one young resident of the home.


Feeding our neighbors
Helping Feed our Neighbors

The example of the early church (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32), encourages us to sustain an active concern for local members and others in the community who have special needs.

Our members, in coordination with Neighbor Impact, distribute food on Monday afternoons (excluding holidays) from the Lowe Fellowship Hall at the building. People from the community can come and fill a “brown bag” with food for the week.

There is also a small “clothes closet” available with clothing donated from church members.


Bringing our youth together
Spiritual Support for Students

We support the University Christian Center at OSU with a $100.00 per month donation. This group actively works with students attending Oregon State University.


At one time, the church in Bend was considered a “mission point.” Although we have not been dependent on outside assistance for many years, we have not forgotten the generosity of others in helping us through some lean times! We’re especially grateful that the Lord has fulfilled His promise (II Cor. 9:8-15) and enables us to share His lavish blessings with others.